All Balloon Decor is made onsite and setup time must be confirmed a few days before. Usually we setup the morning of the event or day before. We use residue free tape for walls and special hooks for ceilings. Please see your contract for all ordering terms. 

We will deliver pre made decor, bouquets or select items to a residence, hospital, or party during the week. 

$100 minimum order is required for delivery within Northampton and Lehigh Counties. We ONLY deliver to Warren County in the state of New Jersey. 

Tax is added onto all decor. If you are tax exempt, you must provide a certificate or letter. 

For setup of decor at events, a $300 minimum order is required. NO minimum order is required if you are booking decor with any DJ or photo booth service. 

Special rates may be needed for rigging, lifts or permits. Contact us for details. 

Doorway Arches, Cake Table Arches, Stage Arches
Balloon Artists
Specialty Decor
Singles, Bouquets, Centerpieces, Columns
We do not offer balloon releases. It is a proven scientific fact and industry safety standard to refrain from releasing balloons into the atmosphere. Many worldwide balloon professionals have come together to make this pact.