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Please Note Characters may have minimum price requirements to service certain areas on certain days.
Please always specify a specific character when booking and if you have seen a specific performer who did certain acts or tricks in the past. Every performer offers different acts and tricks due to their skills. Our costumes are cleaned carefully and we respect all CDC regulations for COVID 19. Our staff are trained on what not to do and Stevie our owner has extensive training in character performance. Stevie has held national contracts with many agencies, companies, schools, churches, organizations and has been the mascot for Chick Fil A, Bethlehem Skateaway, Dorney Park HAUNT, Bethlehem Twp Police Mcgruff the Crime Dog, and has performed dozens of characters as well as being the SERTA Sheep. More than a decade of experience has led Stevie to become highly recognizable in the costumed character industry. 
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Easter Bunnies

Our bunnies have performed at all kinds of events, restaurants, country clubs, and even on a train. (luckily he didn't throw up momma bunnies carrot casserole from the night before) We take Easter seriously. Our actors make jokes, use props and outfits to show they are real HUMAN. Kids and adults get a unique experience. We have had contracts with agencies, The works at Wyomissing, The Children's Place, and churches to provide a safe and family friendly performance. 

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