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What is an officiant?

Why hire us and not a friend?

   A friend is typically late, unprepared, working for money for the reception bar, and may include inappropriate stories or jokes during the ceremony. As DJs we notice this way too much because we are on the other side and not as the officiant. We are witness to slow ceremonies, no communication with other vendors, sloppy attire and truly just many of them don't want to be given the burden. Think carefully about how meaningful you want your ceremony to be and not just making it legal. Photos and videos as well as guests will all remember a really bad ceremony. 

Our pricing?

Our education and experience?

   Our professionals are members of churches, or have extensive training in weddings, or another form of religious study pertaining to marriage. Some officiants are ministers or celebrants and others are pastors or priests. Our officiants may also be full time Wedding DJs so you know they have experience witnessing and conducting all kinds of ceremonies. 

Our process?

    1--We send you an initial questionnaire to get to know your needs. 

    2--Contract and deposit 

    3--1 month prior to ceremony, we go over more details in order to write the ceremony draft

    4--2 weeks before we secure the marriage license and send your draft

    5--2 days prior to ceremony or rehearsal date, we confirm all contract details

    6--We arrive 30 mins early to rehearsal or ceremony site to discuss changes, and scope out     location or venue. We also do a sound check with the DJ. 

Perform your rehearsal or ceremony and your'e all done. 

We always proofread the draft and final copy and we keep your'e license on file for 10 years or the length of time required by the county clerks office. 

Do Officiants give the blessing prior to a meal and should we include them in the dinner?

      Yes, it is pretty standard the officiant also gives a blessing at both the rehearsal dinner and reception. However if they have another ceremony to do, they may not be able to stay for the blessing. It is though a great add on we don't charge extra for. The officiant does however leave after dinner as respect towards the couple and guests. 

The Officiant can make a blessing usually in 30 seconds to 1 minute and can create something from off the top of their head. You can also discuss a prayer or script in advance if you would like.

Will the officiant work with each of us separately to write our vows?

      Yes, you can setup phone calls, or video chats to brainstorm and have help making the vows meaningful or maybe funny and sweet. Vows can be 1 minute or 2 minutes, anything more than that and guests will lose focus. Please note a good officiant is prepared and will ask for copies of the vows 2 weeks prior to rehearsal and ceremony dates. This is so you do not forget them or have them accidentally deleted from a phone or tablet. 

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